• Fun Facts About Archery

    Like in many sports, playing archery requires skills, knowledge, and great instincts to compete fairly and put all rules into the frame of reference during competition. In a traditional setting, archery is played with great focus and concentration. However, have you ever wonder what makes archery fun and exciting?


    Here are a lot of fun facts that you do not know about archery.


    1. Archery is considered the oldest sports in the world. Archery was made known during the transition from Upper Paleolithic era to Mesolithic era.
    2. In ancient times, armies would use archers to reduce the enemies' number before the main battle between swordsmen started. And in many civilizations, such as Japanese, Koreans, Persians, a Chinese and other race that uses archery, heavily depends on their battle with the numbers of their archers. The more archers they have; the higher possibility of winning the battle.
    3. Many heroes and deities in varied cultures are portrayed archers like Cupid, Artemis, Shiva and Apollo.
    4. Love for archery is called toxophilite
    5. Archery has been part of Olympic Games since 1900. Its debut was in summer Olympics and discontinued in 1924 and reestablished in 1972.
    6. Pigeons were used as a target in 1900 Archery competition
    7. Bhutan's national sport is archery, and in most villages, several ranges are publicly built.
    8. England was the first country to organize competition with archery in the 1500s
    9. In most competition, archers are obliged to engrave their initials on their arrows.
    10. Splitting of the opponent's arrow in a competition or any exhibition is called Robin Hood.

    Now, if you are interested in getting into the game, here are the things you might want to know:

    1. For a beginner, using Bow Sights are highly recommended. Using compound bow sights will assist its shooter to have a clear view of their target. There is best bow sight from Field Logic that offers excellence, and one of them is the trophy ridge punisher 5 sights. This tool allows its user to confidently shoot even if you are a right-handed or left-handed person; nothing will cause you issue.
    2. To use it well, you must know how to Zero your rifle scope. Aside from learning how to mount, sight and adjust scope appropriately, beginners should learn how to use rifle scope or simply make sure that the reticle is properly aligned when hitting the targets.
    3. When talking about quality scopes, you can trust Bushnell TRS 25. This device has high premium scopes that are quick and easy to use.
    4. When there is possible free time, practice your short-range or long-range skills.
    5. Lastly, when playing archery, take a chance to concentrate, be the patient and great focus when aiming at the target, whether it is moving or stationary.

    History tells that archery is no longer a norm of war, but a recreation and a sport that helps improves person's focus, patience, and concentration. And above all, anyone can have fun with archery, no matter who you are and what you do. Discover a new you with archery.


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